Advance science and create opportunities through drug discovery and development

Create strategic research focus in advancing cancer therapy through safe and effective development and improvement of anticancer pharmaceuticals AND improvement of the safe and effective use of radiation therapy with potential for pharmaceutical advancements, improved patient outcomes, and commercialization.  

    • Achieve a sustained increase in the number of anticancer- and radiation biology-related scholarly articles, patents, and federal grants generated by College faculty and research personnel (PhSc Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Recruit outstanding, well-funded faculty with research and teaching strengths in anticancer and radiation biology research and whose research programs complement those existing programs (PhSc Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Create a pipeline of talent through strategic recruitment of promising young faculty and through a strong emphasis on anticancer and radiation biology research in the newly approved Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PhSc Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Seek extramural funds to support faculty and student training grants in anticancer and radiation biology research programs (Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Foster research collaboration between College and campus-wide faculty, as well as nationally & internationally, by providing incentives to move promising ideas forward towards clinical relevance (PhSc Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Advance visibility of College by continuing to play a major role in relevant professional societies, peer review, and advisory committees (Dept Chair & Div Director)
    • Cultivate a culture of innovation with an emphasis on the commercialization of research ideas and entrepreneurism (PhSc Dept Chair)
    • Partner with the pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies to obtain the necessary funding and support to sustain faculty-initiated discovery and development programs (PhSc Dept Chair)
    • Continue to actively contribute to the quest for NCI designation of the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.  (Div. Director)