Foster a culture of open communication, collaborative inquiry, and continuous programmatic assessment

Practice transparent communication, celebrate/recognize successes, and increase opportunity for communication between faculty and administration.

    • Initiate new practices to achieve transparent communication.  Use these new initiatives to celebrate successes if possible.  These communication initiatives should be conducted regularly.  Seek contributions from Students, Staff, and Faculty

~ Initiate at least one new method in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 and replace methods that no longer resonate with the faculty and/or staff (Dean)

    • Utilize various methods to celebrate successes (receptions, online & written announcements, etc.) 

~ Initiate new method(s) as needed over time (e.g., updated website) (Dean, Department Chairs, Associate/Assistant Deans)

Provide incentives for collaboration across department and college boundaries.

    • At the campus level, support and bring to fruition policies that incentivize collaborative academic activity across campus

~ Support policy & campus activities that incentivize collaboration such as shared indirect funds for Co-Is & campus grants for IPE (Dean)
~ At the college level, develop opportunities and incentives for clinical and basic science faculty to participate in cross-departmental activities (Department Chairs)

Develop and steward financial resources to strategically invest in people and revenue-producing systems.

    • Provide nationally competitive start-up and retention packages and salaries to recruit and retain excellent faculty members (Dean & Department Chairs)
    • Provide competitive compensation packages for faculty and staff that reward performance, years of service, and productivity

~ Compare salaries to AACP annual salary data
~ Dean & Department Chairs

 Instill a mission-driven continuous quality improvement philosophy.

    • Promote transparent sharing of data relating to teaching, learning, and scholarship

~ Annual reports, budget hearing data, AAMS programmatic assessment, & website reports (Executive Committee and standing committees)