Foster student success through learner-centered teaching

Cultivate a teaching and learning environment to prepare students for all aspects of the profession and to nurture passion for pharmacy and compassion for patients.

    • Institute policy requiring archival of all lectures in required coursework by spring 2014 (ADAA)
    • Require annual peer teaching evaluation included in annual evaluation by 2014 annual evaluation (Dept Chair)
    • Promote nationally recognized curriculum/assessment methods in communication and medication adherence, utilizing strengths in OSCE, sim center, etc.
    • Utilize 12th Street HWC and NW free and continuity clinics to establish longitudinal relationships between students and patients (12th St Director, NW-AD) 

Create an improved framework for faculty and student recruitment and retention.

    • Fund P1 scholarships to improve recruitment. (Director of Development)
    • Provide more out-of-state tuition waivers to improve diversity of class (Dean)
    • Increase scholarship dollars for all COP students (Director of Development)
    • Change the philosophical model of pharmacy practice experiences to better engage the student, address faculty workload, and impact patient outcomes. (PHPR Dept Chair, ADEE)
    • Financially support faculty seeking advanced certification (BCPS, CDE, etc), training, or formal education
    • Hire staff to recognize and promote successes of COP students, faculty, and programs to peers and prospective students. (Dept Chairs, Dean) 

Advance learning through application of evidence based instructional methods, development of innovative teaching practices, and pedagogical research.

    • Develop and implement program celebrating innovation in teaching (ADSA, Dept Chairs)
    • Develop named lectureship to host nationally recognized teaching/learning scholar annually (Director of Development, ADSA)
    • Outline specific faculty development plan to require 2 hours CE/seminar focused on teaching methods and/or student learning; to be documented in faculty annual evaluation beginning 2014 (ADSA, Dept Chairs) 

Advance the research training opportunities for professional and graduate students through the implementation of an interdepartmental Ph.D. program.

    • Support graduate student stipends for two years of the four-year program. (Dean)
    • Increase availability of  student research fellowships (Dean)
    • Strengthen Honors in Research Program to graduate 2 students annually (Chair, Student Research) 

Expand interprofessional education models in both the didactic and experiential settings.

    • Develop required interprofessional course (P1, MI, nursing, PA) (NW-AD
    • Develop interprofessional OSCEs for formative and summative assessment.  (NW-AD)
    • Develop interprofessional clinic at 12th Street HWC by 2014 (Director, 12th Street HWC)
    • Increase interprofessional service-learning opportunities