Updates to our Policy Documents will be posted here as they are made. Check this page often throughout the year for important policy updates.

Students Transferring from another ACPE Accredited College of Pharmacy

An Arkansas resident who has attended another ACPE accredited College of Pharmacy and is in good standing may apply to transfer to the UAMS College of Pharmacy. Transfer requests will be considered on a space available sis. The student will be required to present a transcript and catalog for evaluation. Where a correspondence exists between courses and hours in a Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, the student may receive credit for satisfactorily completed courses (grades of “C” or better). The sequence of professional courses must be completed in the logical order required of all regular UAMS College of Pharmacy students. This may result in transferring students having to repeat a portion of one or more professional years if approved for transfer. The student must complete at least 60 semester hours in residence at the UAMS College of Pharmacy to be eligible to graduate. The College reserves the right to revise or cancel the placement of advanced standing after a student has been in residence, in the event the student fails to meet the academic standards of the College. The College of Pharmacy does not accept transfer grades of “D”, or equivalent, on required subjects of the pharmacy curriculum. It further reserves the right to reject transferred credit of “D” on any other subject. Only officially signed transcripts will be accepted for evaluation and should include a complete record of courses pursued and the grade earned in the various courses. If additional information is needed for the proper evaluation of credit, the College may require the applicant to supply the appropriate catalog, or catalogs, of the institution, or institutions, previously attended by the student.

Use of Social Networking Sites    

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The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences recognizes that social networking websites and applications such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. are important and timely means of communication.  Students who use these websites and applications must be aware of the critical importance of privatizing these websites and applications so that only trustworthy “friends” have access to the sites. They must also be aware that posting certain information is illegal. Violation of existing statutes and administrative regulations may expose the offender to criminal and civil liability, and punishment for violations may include fines and imprisonment. Offenders also may be subject to adverse academic actions that range from a letter of reprimand to probation to dismissal from the University.

The following actions are strictly forbidden:

  •  Students may not report the personal health information of patients. Removal of an individual’s name does not constitute proper de identification of protected health information. Furthermore, inclusion of data such as age, gender, race, or date of evaluation may still allow the reader to recognize the identity of a specific individual.
  • Students may not report private (protected) academic or financial information of another student or trainee. Such information might include, but is not limited to: course grades, narratives evaluations, examination scores, adverse academic actions, or financial aid information.
  • In posting information on social networking sites, students may not present themselves as official representatives or spokespersons for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences or their college, department, or program.
  • Students may not represent themselves as another person.
  • Students may not utilize websites and/or applications in a manner that interferes with educational or work commitments.

In addition to the absolute prohibitions outlined above, the following actions are strongly discouraged as these are considered unprofessional and reflect poorly on the individual, the healthcare profession, program, department, college, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences:

  • Display of vulgar language
  • Display of language or photographs that imply disrespect for any individual or group because of age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Presentations of photographs that may reasonably be interpreted as condoning irresponsible use of alcohol, substance abuse, or sexual misconduct.

The following actions are strongly encouraged:

  • Students should use privacy settings to limit the unknown or unwanted access to the student’s profile or application.
  • When listing an email address on a social networking site, students should use a personal email address (not a address) as the primary means of identification.

When using these social networking sites, students are strongly encouraged to present themselves in mature, responsible, and professional manners. Discourse should always be civil and respectful.  No privatization measure is perfect and undesignated persons may still gain access to the site. Once an item is posted on a networking site, it may not be easily removed.  Future employers (e.g., residency or fellowship program directors, representatives of employers) may review these sites when considering potential candidates for employment.

Inclement Weather Policy

Little Rock Campus:

UAMS recognizes that transportation problems result from inclement weather and hazardous road conditions.  However, by virtue of the mission of UAMS, the Little Rock campus never closes.  There are times at which the inclement weather policy is declared in force.  In severe weather or hazardous road conditions, the Chancellor or his designated representative will declare the inclement weather policy in effect.  This will be broadcast on radio station AM 920 KARN, and FM 94.1, FM 98.5, and channels KARK-Channel 4, KATV-Channel 7, and LRTV-Channel 11 television broadcasting.  The College of Pharmacy inclement weather phone number is 501-686-7700.  Students are advised to call this number for information about College of Pharmacy classes.

Northwest Campus:
  In severe weather or hazardous road conditions, the Vice Chancellor of the NW Campus or his designated representative will declare the inclement weather policy in effect.  This will be broadcast on KHOG40/29-Channel 7, KNWA-Channel 9, KFSM-Channel 5, and KLRC Radio-101.1.Classes and Examinations when One Site is Unavailable: The UAMS College of Pharmacy operates as one college on two geographically separate campuses.  The goal is to connect classrooms on both campuses 100% of the time with classes occurring at their regularly scheduled times.  However, on rare occasion, circumstances may prevent a synchronous connection.  During times when one site is unavailable due to weather closure or a connection is unavailable due to technology downtime, the following will occur:

  • Originating campus is open and remote campus is closed: The class will occur as scheduled and be archived and posted for viewing by the remote site.
  • Originating campus is closed and remote campus is open:
    • If the originating campus is closed and the faculty member can safely make it to the campus, he/she may conduct the class as scheduled to the remote site and archive the materials for the closed campus.
    • If the originating campus is closed and the faculty member has access to Wimba from home, he/she may archive the materials and post for students on both campuses.
    • If the originating campus is closed, and the faculty member cannot make it to the campus, the class will be cancelled.

Both campuses are open but connection and archiving are unavailable (equipment failure):  The class will be cancelled.  Makeup activities will be coordinated by course coordinators & faculty.

Make-Up Sessions: Missed class time will be scheduled by the Dean’s office in consultation with the course coordinators as necessary.

Examinations and Quizzes:  When any one campus is closed and there is a scheduled examination, quiz or activity that contributes to course grade in class, it will be rescheduled for all students.  This may include scheduling in the evening.

IPPE & APPE students:  During inclement weather conditions (regardless of activation of the UAMS inclement weather policy), please contact your assigned experiential preceptor to receive information about site hours of operation and function.  If you are unable to travel during inclement weather any absence requires that you contact your preceptor and the Experiential Education Office.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Effective August 1, 2011, financial aid REFUND checks are scheduled to be mailed on the 11th Day of Class for each college. Your enrollment on this date determines your financial aid eligibility for all awards including federal aid, funds received from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and various UAMS scholarships.