Our Future

Foster student success through learner-centered teaching.

  • Cultivate a teaching and learning environment to prepare students for all aspects of the profession and to nurture passion for pharmacy and compassion for patients.
  • Create an improved framework for faculty and student recruitment and retention.
  • Advance learning through application of evidence based instructional methods, development of innovative teaching practices, and pedagogical research.
  • Advance the research training opportunities for professional and graduate students through the implementation of an interdepartmental Ph.D. program.
  • Expand interprofessional education models in both the didactic and experiential settings.

Advance science and create opportunities through drug discovery and development.

  • Create strategic research focus in advancing cancer therapy through safe and effective development and improvement of anticancer pharmaceuticals AND improvement of the safe and effective use of radiation therapy with potential for pharmaceutical advancements, improved patient outcomes, and commercialization.

Establish sustainable and progressive pharmacy practice models.

  • Advance patient-centered pharmacy practice to fully utilize the pharmacist to improve health, lower healthcare costs, and facilitate outcomes research.
  • Develop and support accredited postgraduate residencies that produce highly trained pharmacy practitioners.
  • Engage in implementation science through the integration and evaluation of new practice models in the evolving health care system.

Foster a culture of open communication, collaborative inquiry, and continuous programmatic assessment.

  • Practice transparent communication, celebrate/recognize successes, and increase opportunity for communication between faculty and administration.
  • Provide incentives for collaboration across department and college boundaries.
  • Develop and steward financial resources to strategically invest in people and revenue-producing systems.
  • Instill a mission-driven continuous quality improvement philosophy.

Strategic Plan (full version)