September 17, 2013

Clinton School of Public Service students to complete project for UAMS 12th Street Health and Wellness Center

Four students in the Clinton School of Public Service will partner with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), College of Pharmacy this academic year on a project that will “Develop a Communication Plan to Improve Access to Health and Wellness Services of the UAMS 12th Street Health and Wellness Center.” To read the official news release from the Clinton School, click here

The team will develop a communication plan designed to engage the members of the 12th Street community in activities at the 12th Street Health and Wellness Center, where UAMS faculty and students work to design and provide student-led interprofessional healthcare services and educational programs, that positively impact health.

The students are in a class of 50 Clinton School students participating in the projects during their first year while also completing in-class coursework on topics such as communication, decision-making, ethics, leadership and social change. As part of the school’s Master of Public Service degree program, they will earn academic credit for their work on the project.

The four students on the practicum team are Caroline Head and Angela Toomer, of Little Rock, Ark., Haylee Fletcher of Prescott, Ariz., and Laetitia Tokplo, of Benin – West Africa. The team is led by Lisa C. Hutchison, Pharm.D., associate professor of Pharmacy Practice in the College of Pharmacy.  

For more information about the UAMS 12th Street Center for Health and Wellness, contact Lanita S. White, Pharm.D., (501) 686-5433, Wireless phone: (225) 288-6420, e-mail: