Which companies will be on-site?
Our 2017 companies included Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, UAMS, Harps Food Stores, CVS, Brookshires Grocery, White River Medical Center, and more!

Are interviews available to all classes?
Interviews are at the discretion of the company; however, P4s will receive priority. With this priority, only P4s are eligible to submit their résumés for interview pre-screenings.

How do I get an interview?
Pharmacy representatives from exhibiting companies will be scheduling interviews prior to the career fair via submitted P4 résumés. Some representatives will be scheduling on-site during the Thursday morning showcase as well. All interviews are offered and scheduled at the discretion of the companies. More information regarding interviews will be provided to P4 students prior to the career fair.

UAMS P4 students, upload your PDF resume/CV here >

HUCOP P4 Students, upload your PDF resume/CV here >

What is the appropriate attire?
Formal business attire is required for all P4 students. Sample attire is available here. For all other classes, business casual is preferred.

Who can I contact with any questions?

UAMS Students:
Anneliese Armstrong, aarmstrong2@uams.edu or 501-686-6494

HUCOP Students:
Susan Grace, sgrace@harding.edu or 501-279-5501