Division of Radiation Health

Message from the Division Director

These are exciting times.

The current level of interest in studies of radiation effects on normal tissues is unprecedented, and more resources are being directed toward this field than in many decades.

The reason for this “surge” of interest is two-fold. First, the importance of quality of life of long term cancer survivors is being increasingly recognized. Consequently, there is an active search for interventions that can be used to minimize adverse effects of radiation therapy. Secondly, there is increased recognition of the urgent need to develop pharmacological countermeasures against radiological and nuclear threats.

Studies of normal tissue radiation responses are complex and require broad, multidisciplinary  expertise, not only in radiation biology, but also in the pathophysiology of specific organ systems, as well as in systems biology, cellular biology, and molecular biology of a variety of processes, for example, inflammation, cell proliferation, oxidative stress, connective tissue remodeling, neuroscience, and endothelial and vascular biology.

The Division of Radiation Health is devoted to investigating the mechanisms underlying the adverse effects of radiation on normal tissues and to developing pharmacological approaches to reduce these effects.

The division currently has 5 faculty members. In the near future we hope to further expand the faculty to make the Division of Radiation Health one of the largest programs in the country with an exclusive emphasis on radiation effects in normal tissues. Opportunities for graduate studies are offered through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at UAMS.

I encourage you to peruse these web-pages as well as those of the College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, and UAMS, to learn more about what our division and our institution has to offer.

I will be happy to answer questions about the Division of Radiation Health in terms of what we are, what we do, and where we are going!