Our Students

Ph.D. Students

picture of Mahip Acharya Mahip Acharya, BPharm

picture of Naleen Bhandari Naleen Raj Bhandari, BPharm, MS, PhD Candidate

picture of Divyan Chopra Divyan Chopra, BPharm, MS, PhD Candidate

Picture of Niranjan Kathe Niranjan Kathe, BPharm, MS, PhD candidate

picture of Mrinmayee Lakkad Mrinmayee Lakkad, BPharm, MS

Ruchira Mahashabde Ruchira V. Mahashabde, BPharm, MS

picture of Ambrish A. Pandit Ambrish A. Pandit, BPharm, MS

M.S. Students

picture of Samina A. Dhuliawala Samina A. Dhuliawala, BPharm

picture of Denise Hung Denise Hung, BS