Mission & Goals


The mission of the Division is to advance and disseminate knowledge about the normal tissue effects associated with radiation therapy of cancer, the effects of accidental radiation exposure on normal tissues, and the effects of radiological and nuclear terrorism scenarios.


Specific goals of the Division intended to support the mission include:

  • To conduct basic mechanistic, preclinical, and translational research focused on determining the underlying mechanism responsible for acute and long term radiation effects and developing medical countermeasures against such effects.
  • To publish and disseminate research findings to the benefit of cancer patients, cancer survivors, and the general public.
  • To provide professional, graduate, and post-graduate education and training in areas related to the effects of radiation on normal tissues as they relate to patients treated with radiation and individuals exposed to radiation in the radiological/nuclear accident or terrorism scenario.
  • To be a source of expertise and assistance to UAMS, the general public, state and federal agencies, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and others on matters of research and knowledge in the field of radiation health issues.
  • To facilitate collaborative partnerships with other colleges and centers at UAMS, other academic institutions in the US and abroad, various state and government agencies, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and others to promote advances in this area of research.