Harps Pharmacy/UAMS College of Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Residency

Number of Positions: 1

Estimated Salary: Competitive

Estimated Starting Date: July 1st


The Harps Residency Program provides the opportunity to gain clinical experience and provide patient care in a community pharmacy setting. While this residency program is based in a community pharmacy, the experience will involve both traditional community pharmacy and ambulatory care experiences. In addition, valuable experience in designing, marketing, implementing, and maintaining
patient care services will be a focus of the residency.The residency also provides the opportunity to gain
experience in teaching.

Learning Experiences

The experiences include developing a health care screening program that can be replicated in all our stores, including screening for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol levels, smoking cessation, immunization clinics, and more; developing a medication therapy management program; training
Harps pharmacists on effective MTM; establishing a program to certify Harps pharmacists for
administering immunizations and establishing immunization clinics; providing direct patient care
in a community pharmacy setting; developing, implementing, and maintaining clinical services in a
community pharmacy; effectively communicating to promote services to various healthcare providers and educate patients; developing skills as an effective communicator; gaining skills in community pharmacy management; and being a role model for the profession in advancing pharmacy practice.


Each resident will receive:

      • Competitive annual stipend
      • Paid vacation, state holidays and professional leave for attendance of state and national meetings
      • Financial assistance to attend national meetings
      • Free life, health, and liability insurance
      • Employee food discount on campus (20%) and merchant discounts in the community
      • Comprehensive health sciences library with access to almost 2000 journals
      • Tuition discount for undergraduate and graduate courses (If desired)