June 20, 2013

UAMS Welcomes High School Students For Pharmacy Camp

By: Jocelyn Tovar, KARK 4 NEWS

They were up to their elbows in first hand medical experience.

Pharmacy camp at UAMS for high school students who applied from all over the state.

“To get an introduction to pharmacy and what it would be like to be a pharmacist as they prepare for their careers,” said Christel Cater the recruiting specialist for the college of pharmacy.

She said it’s a great opportunity for seniors as they prepare to graduate high school.

“In this lab it’s like a fake doctor’s office and they’re learning how to take blood pressure,” said real pharmacy student Melanie Sasse who helped them through the labs.

She’s there answer their questions, giving them a leg up from students who don’t get the opportunity.

“The fact they get to experience the daily routines lets them know this is something they’ll be passionate in the future,” she said.

So they’ll know exactly what it is they’re working for and why it’s important to work hard to attain it.